Where did the name Gannebraemorr come from?

When I was a young teen in the early 80s, I played Dungeons & Dragons with friends. Out of the blue, I made up the name Gannebraemorr for my fantasy character. He was a robed warrior on a lonely path of adventure. I even started writing a story about him that ended after about a paragraph.

Fast forward about fifteen years, long after D&D, even after my years on a Navy ship and a couple years working at a major computer company. I found myself working in IT at a university and the internet was becoming mainstream and popular for average, non-IT people. Lots of interesting and helpful websites began appearing. At some point in the late 90s, I stumbled upon a website where you could type a word and it would list all valid anagrams (re-arranged letters) of that word. I was messing with the site, entering words to see what silly stuff would come up. For some reason I entered my long-ago D&D character's name, Gannebraemorr. You would not believe how far my jaw dropped when one of the valid anagrams was: A MAN BORN GREER (because my last name is Greer). When I created the name in the 80s I didn't even know what anagrams were.

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